Hiho :)

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Hiho :)

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I loved Empire Earth back in the days and still like to play it <3
I recently reinstalled it and it still works fine, wow! Sadly a good friend of mine can't really play it, because he has graphic bugs with his Intel/AMD graphic card. (The units and buildings disappear when he doesn't do anything)

I'm not a good player, but maybe we see each other some time.
I liked to do stuff with the editor a lot. I made a tower line wars, but can't find it anymore lol.

I recently found the other games which use the Titan-Engine: Empires: Dawn of the Modern World and Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War. As stated here, I already have and like the first one. But I couldn't find the second anywhere, maybe it wouldn't run on Win10 anyway xD But I've read that it's editor is the best.

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