wish you guys all the best for the future

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wish you guys all the best for the future

Post by JimBach »

I decided this week to quit Empire Earth and Games in general because they are in contradiction to my goals and i want to spend the time for others. Anyway I really enjoyed the past year in this small but great community playing this awesome and fun game, and for this i want to thank you guys

I wish you guys all the best for the future and hope your wishes come true. :thumbsupr:

MnM: you're just the best, we had so much fun together, thanks for the training and showing me how to play mid and others, i would have quit much earlier without you =))

Nightmare, Panda, Snake, gepetto, whopass, brownie, kingslayer, bob, graf marzellus, Jack ONeill: you're all great guys who don't take the game to seriously, was fun time, thanks for the good games :) Nightmare it was so funny when we both smurfed for like 2 months and always played together without finding out about each other, i really thought you're a girl lmao :lol:
Basilik, Nafrayu, Yukon, bandito: you're very friendly, fun and respectful guys, yuk i enjoyed the odd and fun games we had somethimes, like the world maps games :) thx nafra for the most epic liga team game i played, thanks to basilik for those funny 4v4 eec funsetz rounds, i really enjoyed them :lol:
Kazter: thanks for telling me i should learn first mid instead of pre when i started EE and for showing me the basic sword start, which lead me to the set i enjoyed most. We didnt played much, but i always liked your sense of humour and that you answered my noob questions about sets when i was in games with you ^^. I could't have enjoyed the game this much without all your useful videos, so thanks for this.
Dave: we didnt played much either, but was always fun and i liked your sense of humour also, you made me want to improve my swords and get better in mid. I looked up to you^^
Loco: thank you for making me interested in liga and showing me the basics. I had some great liga games because of you. You're a cool and funny guy. I loved how you never gave up in your games. I always wanted to play the cavalry archers so aggressive and well like you. Was funny for me when MnM said to me Kazter told you not to smurf vs him when i was the one to blame lol, fun note: there are like locofan#1-6, i was locofan#4 :lol:
Fire/fong: keep kicking those mid sh players asses with your xbows and archers with smurf accs, stephaner ftw =))
Splinter: i have always enjoyed watching your creative style in liga.
killer, president, abcd: never give up guys, resilience is the key, keep hosting those mid and mods :)
Armada: you was my rival, i always wanted to beat you from the first time we played, dk why^^, but you made me better, thanks for the games (nogg, re^^)

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