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It has been decided that the Epic Multiplayer Campaign team is going to work toward a less ambitious, but also more cohesive topic for our first project. Rather than do a large campaign covering the barbarian invasions of Rome, we shall work on a smaller campaign that covers the Gothic Wars of the fourth century. This is partly because we really only have two people working on the project, with both of us in school for most of the year, and partly because I think it will bring a better final product. This topic is going to be loosely based on the former subject, but will be more focused and the scenarios will all be connected, instead of before where it was going to be a series of related but disconnected scenarios.

The current plan is for this to be a short campaign, probably only four scenarios, covering different phases of the conflict between the Goths and the Romans in the second half of the 300s, and most likely ending with the sack of Rome in 410. We shall perfect our outline for the campaign in the coming months, but no tangible development will begin until winter.

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