P2s Sh 1vs1 Tourney / Turnier 1.12.11

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P2s Sh 1vs1 Tourney / Turnier 1.12.11

Post by Manni »

Congratulations to the winners! I hope all participants had fun. :)

1 iFamouZz
2 Їмρŭιşę- Manni
3 Gor!lla

4 Їмρŭιşę- sevsto

Round 1:
Gor!lla vs Їмρŭιşę- Manni f11 40
Їмρŭιşę- sevsto vs iFamouZz f11 30

Round 2:
Їмρŭιşę- Manni vs iFamouZz f11 70
Gor!lla vs Їмρŭιşę- sevsto f11 60

Round 3:
Gor!lla vs iFamouZz f11 70
Їмρŭιşę- Manni vs Їмρŭιşę- sevsto f11 75

The tourney is powered by Їмρŭιşę. If you are interested in getting a member of the clan, take a look at our forum section in Save-EE.

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Re: P2s Sh 1vs1 Tourney / Turnier

Post by Arntzen »

Gratulations iFamouZz! GJ
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Re: P2s Sh 1vs1 Tourney / Turnier

Post by sevsto »

Manni wrote:Haha! So funny! Sevsto said me after the first game: "Let`s do that fast" and he got last rank. :lol:

I used all my 3 civs that I take regulary atm:
- emissaries & pf vs Gor!lla
- rockers camouflage vs iFamouZz ; shit that was a mistake
- clubs fana vs sevsto; was a hard game but finally my men won that
mhm your men didnt really won that, i had like 900 food and lots of iron, lots of towers and hunt places (i was going to go copper and u wasnt even in stone), it was really stupid to give up! i lost vs gorilla because there was a hole in my wall. i had in all three games best statistics and lost because of too stupid mistakes.

but thanks to manni for the organisation and gratulation to the winner.

edit: i didnt meant with "lets do that fast" that i will win fast, i just wanted to start the game fast.

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