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Launch Empire Earth on almost any Windows / GPU

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Launch Empire Earth on almost any Windows / GPU

Postby EnergyCube » Sat Dec 21, 2019 6:36 am

Using the dxwnd program, it is possible to emulate different versions of DirectX and to correct a large number of problems related to compatibility.
And allows you to play on AMD and Intel HD Graphics Cards, it also allows you to quit the game with the Windows key and return to it when you want without taking the risk that the game will not let us return.

A quick video to show you how to configure the minimum to launch NeoEE :

(if you just want to start EE, select "Empire Earth.exe" instead of "Loader.exe eec" (by the way to start AoC NeoEE it's "Loader.exe aoc" I believe))

I recommand you to use Direct3D Hardware TnL in EE Settings.

Please note, generally using this program lowers FPS, there is surely a way to overcome this problem by changing some parameters. So consider this software as a way to launch the game on unsupported hardware or hardware that have graphics glitches.

If you find patches thanks to this software do not hesitate to save the config in a file and to share it by specifying the hardware used and problems that it solve.

Link to dxwnd : https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/
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