What about a remake ?

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What about a remake ?

Post by EnergyCube »

What do you think of the idea of ​​recreating the game entirely rather than tirelessly trying to improve a few pixels?
The opportunity to create a version that will solve many problems, to have better graphics (but leaving the possibility of having the original models and textures via a file in a folder for this purpose (copyright y know)), have a much better AI...

The idea in me that this idea is feasible, I started a small project which currently is completely useless but which can be inspiring and source of motivation for some. I just extracted the 3d models from Empire Earth and coded the camera, nothing crazy.

(If you are wondering why it does not have textures, well it is because they are not applicable, probably because Empire Earth uses a largely obsolete version)

To arrive at such a project (in a reasonable time) it would take 2 to 4 developers (Unreal Engine, Unity ..., I highly recommend Unreal Engine).

Obviously we will need more, 3d models, textures, sounds, etc ... but for the moment it is not a priority.

Obviously once again, I repeat it, this more an idea than anything else, I have absolutely no skills to continue (although I try ^^) and yes, the original game will be forever the best but, I want believe in the possibility of recreating it by improving by the ideas that I have expressed and by means to which I have not even ideas yet.

And by the way, sorry for my English :3

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Re: What about a remake ?

Post by Joaquín »

Who didn't want a remake of this amazing game? The game is perfect, just the graphict are a little obsolet. Maybe some thing could be added, like commerce, or the possibility to alli with the computer, and others. The problems if there is someone that could help you.

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