GR(Game Ranger) is god awful.

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Re: GR(Game Ranger) is god awful.

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Arntzen wrote: Like I told you in lobby Signal, out of all the quotes of mine you could've picked you picked one of the few I still agree with. Well.. At least if we change it to "I THINK top 4 Mid EEC players would wipe the floor with top 4 Mid AOC players in both games."
I even managed to sneak in the right phrase this time! :)
I guess I should elaborate on exactly what I mean, because after some reflection I realize it's not exactly a fair comparison to make.
In my mind "Top 4 Mid EEC" means hand picking the four best EEC Mid players, in their peak. In theory this means you could pick Player A who was at his best in 2005, on the same team as Player BCD who where at their best in 2018, for example. So we're pretty much in fantasy land already.
Now based on the players I think would be top 4, all of them stayed active much longer than any of the top 4 players you or Dave mentioned would be on the AoC team.
I think because of the fact we've stayed much longer, also learning and getting to "Expert" level of most settings, where we picked up things we could use in Middle. I've for example learned much more about scouting from Liga, and more about map control from DM. Both these examples are something I've added to my Mid Sh game play.
Not to mention someone like KrasS who played thousands of competitive SC2 games (SC2 came out in 2010) and got to high GM level there, then came back to EE with 6000 PS and just over all crazy abilities.
Of course the problem with doing this comparison in the first place, is that I haven't really seen the top 4 AoC players in their respective peak eras. And pretty much everyone who has, haven't really seen the top 4 Mid EEC players in their respective peak eras either.
I mean, even in this thread we can see Seizmic talking down Elite as if Elite has no idea what he's talking about. Those guys even played together, but I guess Elite peaked after Seizmic left, and therefor Seizmic has the wrong idea about him.

I might consider making an in depth analysis of my current thoughts about Middle SH, with the possibility that I'll look back in a couple of years and cringe at it like I've done some of my older commets here. xD
I guess I was basing my opinion mostly off of the EE expert players that would come play in our games back in 2006-2007 or so. Back then more often than not, most of them would not be able to keep up. For instance, I remember lion_ coming to play in our 4v4 games a few times, and he would nearly always get stomped even though he was arguably one of the best players at the time (at least at 1v1). Other EE experts I remember playing in our games were PeAcE and ZeaLot, and again, neither were as strong of players as any of the AoC players on the list mentioned earlier, at least in 4v4 games. In 1v1 or 2v2 they were very strong players, but 4v4s are a different game.

But you definitely bring up a good point about players staying and getting better after other players left. I never saw a lot of you guys play in your primes, so I guess I can't really judge from that standpoint, I was only basing my opinion on what I saw back when I played competitively. I do believe a lot of you guys are great players, and it would definitely be an interesting match to see all the listed players be matched up at their prime skill levels.

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