Drexmod 3: Upcoming features

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Re: Drexmod 3: Upcoming features

Post by P-51 »

Lancelot5 wrote:
Mon Mar 08, 2021 5:46 pm
P-51 wrote:
Thu Mar 04, 2021 2:18 pm
As a side note, I also agree that the zoom out is a bit extreme and could improve with a lower maximum. But zoom has become an essential feature and not just for new players. Many people, upon reinstalling EE, find that their graphics are fucked up and they are zoomed so far into the map that the game is unplayable. Drexmod has provided an easy solution to making the game enjoyable again for many older players who once struggled to restore EE with their current hardware. The HUD is functionally useless and and I don't really understand why it exists.
Well its not about remove the zoom completely for the reasons you mentioned. But having that much ZOOM is really ruining the Gameplay. I would like have a mix of both scenarios I posted. It would be a kind of agreement where everyone has to move from his position.

I dont think that there are so many players just come because of all the features. How many players are really new ? For me it arent that many tbh. mostly its just new names but not new players. Sure the livestreams Yukon is doing really help to increase the playerbase but how big is the impact of the mod in contrast to the stream itself. As Dave were hosting the MID-Tourneys few weeks ago we had much more Players. Now he left due to incomplete ranksystem and HUD as he mentioned. Yukons answers were literally "lololol Noob go play Tetris". Same as Owned who brought some Players with his streams but left now too.

Also I prefer keeping old players online who playing game for years and will continue playing instead of focus on new players only. Most of them leave after a while anyway.
Sure, and I do agree in general what with the three of you have said about zoom and HUD. My main concern is the disregard for the input of people who have not been here since the early 00s. When people like us have been playing the game for so long it is harder to notice or care about the flaws in the original game. RTS as a genre has progressed, even if only slightly, since the early 00s. Newer players can help provide some thoughts on how to make the game more user-friendly. I obviously don't know what happens between Dave and Yukon in the lobby but in general the type of attitude that Dave displays has always made it difficult for EE to retain players.

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Re: Drexmod 3: Upcoming features

Post by Castel06 »

drex888 wrote:
Tue Feb 05, 2019 2:59 pm

The folowing features should be included in the next release:

- Cheat Detector (done)
- Ranking System based on Elo ranking system and adapted for EE team games (heavy developement / 70% of work done and currently on test )
- A basic web site to check ranks and stats (not started yet)
- A new Lobby command Quick Team "/qt". Auto balancing teams, based on player's elo score. don't require swap. That what i used in "mid -ranked" games. transfers reims (done)
- A new Lobby command Match Maker "/mm". Finds an optimal teams balancing: put best wing vs best wing, best pocket vs best pocket,... requires slots swap (not started yet)
- All bugs you found in the actual version.

Features not yet analysed / I don't know if it's possible

- Mini Map colors: show allied in blue (or other color), enemies in Red. (== detection citz landing on islands game :D :D )
- Mini map filter : show only units. show only buildings (== sieges localization on islands game :mrgreen: )
- Allow the host of the game to be pocket.
- Only the host is allowed to pause the game.
- Display in-game shotcuts on the units/buildings buttons (if that not impact the performances)

May also inlcude others easy stuff I found during the developement.

Feedback and comments are welcome :D

drex / yukon
I totally agree :)

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