Mesh Replacement Success Stories in Empire Earth?

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Mesh Replacement Success Stories in Empire Earth?

Post by cuthbertdavies »

Has anyone had any success with replacing meshes in Empire Earth?
I'm a 3D modeller, and I'm interested in improving the resolution of the current meshes while staying true to the original design.

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Re: Mesh Replacement Success Stories in Empire Earth?

Post by Christopher777 »

Explore the available options and tools in your 3D modeling program. Sometimes there are special features for editing meshes that can help improve quality.
You can look for additional plugins or tools that will facilitate and improve mesh editing. It's worth checking developer websites and modeling communities.
Focus on mesh details such as triangle count, distribution, and structure. Optimizing the number of triangles can improve model performance and appearance.
Maintain proportions and fidelity to the original project during mesh editing. Avoid excessive changes that could lead to distortion.
Experiment with different techniques and tools. Often the best results come from trying new approaches and learning from mistakes.

Best regands Christopher 😊

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