Yearly EE Day at Xmas?

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Yearly EE Day at Xmas?

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To any old school EE players out there. I recently reinstalled the game along with some of my old Team mates. I was thinking, since we all loved this game so much and spent so much of our collectives youths on it, why don't we make a concerted effort to create a yearly Reunion day and try to get a shit tonne of old players on for some stories, catching up, fun, games and some shit talking for old times sake!!

There are several old forums, discords, facebook groups and a lot of people with emails for players. So we can definitely make it work.

anyway maybe this seems like a stupid far fetched idea. I guess I have just been nostalgic about the old days and curious as to how so many of you are doing. Such great memories of this game....

Mid December would probably suit most people. perhaps a day between Christmas and new year.

Let me know your thoughts..

- Slip

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Re: Yearly EE Day at Xmas?

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I will be on boxing day as i travel back from on xmas day and wife stays at her mums as i got work boxing day morning
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