Higher Population Setting in NeoEE ? [SOLVED]

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Higher Population Setting in NeoEE ? [SOLVED]

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Greetings u all!

my topic stands for itself. Is it possible to set a very high population limit, maybe with a sub-mod or a patch in NeoEE ?

I have a patched EXE for my EEAoC that allows me a Pop of 26700 in my Games (I only have to replace it with the original one). But this didnt work when i replace it with the NeoEE Version of EEAoC. So is there a other way to get this possible? Or can i get in touch with the Quality-of-Life-Features of NeoEE (Widescreen support and so on..) in the standard EE-Version with my patches HighPop-EXE?

Maybe someone can help me :roll:

Oke I found a solution, with the patch here it works, even in multiplayer.

Essentials Patch: https://ee.heavengames.com/downloads/sh ... ileid=3101
(Read the readme.html for more infos)


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Re: Higher Population Setting in NeoEE ? [SOLVED]

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Looks like you found a 2013 solution to a 2023 problem!

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