Help with Game Variants?

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Help with Game Variants?

Post by RenWretched »

Hey, as you all know, there are several Game Variants to choose from:

1. Standard
2. Tournament
3. Extreme
4. Hyperactive
5. Hybrid

Does anyone know exactly what each one means? I can't seem to find any documentation anywhere... I suppose 2 to 5 are variants of 1 (standard), but how exactly do they differ from each other?

I've tried testing each of them out, but I figured it's better to just ask someone who already has insights about the different variants.

Also, how would you rate the duration of play for each variant?

Would appreciate the help!


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Re: Help with Game Variants?

Post by Arntzen »

Standard and Tournament game variant are the original two game variants EE's release.
Compared to Standard variant in Tournament you gather resources quicker, your walls and buildings have less Hit Points, you get less morale from houses in TC and Capitol range and the cost to advance in Epochs is cheaper.

The three new game variants are NeoEE exclusive, and made by RealForce after I suggested multiple new variants:
Hybrid is a mix of the two where the gather rate of Food, Wood, Iron and Gold is the same as Tournament but everything else is Standard. This was made as a way to play Pre to Nano Islands games faster.

Extreme is an extreme version of Tourmanent where your gather rate of Food, Wood, Gold and Iron is quite a lot faster. I believe it's 2x or 3x the speed.

Hyperactive is way faster, I wanted it to be a fixed 5x or 10x but I believe RealForce made it like 60x or something.

Note that RealForce was not able to change the gather rate of Stone so in Hybrid the Stone gather rate is equal to Standard and in Extreme and Hyperactive the gather rate of Stone is equal to Tournament.
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