How to get good at EE?

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How to get good at EE?

Post by renaissancer »

Yesterday I played my first two matches since I played EE (offline) years ago. The first match I managed to win, only because I constantly popped out civilians and kept them foraging, hunting and mining faster than my opponent, allowing me to outpace him economically and thus militarily.
However, we did a rematch and then I lost. I realized many things:
1. My opponent used an epoch-appropriate civilization whereas I chose some random one from NeoEE's new custom civilizations list (I didn't understand any of the abbreviations used).
2. My opponent built walls around the map which rendered my army of swordsmen useless. He'd repair the walls attacked faster than I could hurt them.
3. My opponent immediately knows which unit counters whatever units I am producing and within 2 minutes he builds an army larger than mine that consists of units that can take down my units (apparently spearmen dominate swordsmen).
4. My opponent meticulously used prophets to spread malaria amongst my soldiers and then I got wiped out.
5. My opponent knew to prioritize food to upgrade his epoch faster.
I would really love it if some pro here could hook me up with tutorials, videos, and tips on how to become a high-level EE player.
It seems like that there is a certain order in which you should prioritize food hunting, for example, in a P2N game to make sure you can upgrade your epoch in time.
Thank you for the server, EE is so much fun!

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Re: How to get good at EE?

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Hey if you're looking for tips there is a lot on this forum for you to read up on. I made a big thread with a collection of a lot of posts that are useful called "A good place to start" here is the link to it: viewtopic.php?f=75&t=3884

If you have any specific questions I'll be happy to answer, can also give me a PM on discord Kazter#3500

If you chose the eC Civilizations in the community installer those are made by me and are considered fairly standard. Of course there are preferences involved but my Civs should be very similar what other players are using as long as you play the standard Multiplayer settings (P2N, P2N Island, Mid SH, Indy TL, Mod SH, Mod DM).
A Good Place to Start: viewtopic.php?f=75&t=3884
Click to download: eC Civilization

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