Online multiplayer cheats

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Online multiplayer cheats

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Hello there,

I'm not sure if this is correct subforum to request information or not but basically my friend and I are trying to play against enemy and we are trying to use cheat codes to have extra resources or so which I'm not sure how to enable option for this.

Yes, we are bad at game that is the main reason we are trying to use codes so please be civil with replies :) .

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Re: Online multiplayer cheats

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If you need extra resources just to play vs Computer( BOTS ) , then just put Infinite Resources on the Settings of the host.Or put the Game Variant to Hyperactive ( extremely fast mining ).
If you think it's unfair, it's not, the BOTS are cheating ( that's how they were created, they only farm to look like humans, but they have infinite resources from start )

If you need cheats against another players ( humans ), then it is forbidden and also you can be banned.
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