Hi! I'm new

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Hi! I'm new

Post by Pirlo »

Hi, i play Empire Earth for a long time. But now I tried Empire Earth in GameRanger and it's amazing how fast the other players can develope.

I hope somebody can give me some tipps, hints or some basics to improve my playing. I would prefer a room where somebody can say and show me ingame what to do :)

I hope there will be somebody who wants to do this with me.

Thank you so far.


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Re: Hi! I'm new

Post by Arntzen »

Sure, you want to practice on GR or on NeoEE? If on GR tell me your ID name.

If you want to read up on tips and hints on this forum as well I suggest starting here:
This guide is called "A good place to start" and contains most of what I consider useful that's written on these forums. Of course there is a ton of stuff, so only read what you're interested in. For example if you're only interested in Mid sh, then only read that.

Also I suggest watching EE videos on youtube, here it's very simple to see exactly how to play. Again there are tons of videos so only start by watching videos of the setting you want to learn.
A Good Place to Start: viewtopic.php?f=75&t=3884
Click to download: eC Civilization

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Re: Hi! I'm new

Post by Pirlo »

I have both: GR and NeoEE!
I heard that GR is for beginners and NeoEE is for pro's. Is that true?
My GR ID is: 8211693 (Nickname: Pirlo)

Thanks for the tips and hints :) I will read through......

I will have time at 24th of January because of study tests :/

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Re: Hi! I'm new

Post by BigRon »

Pirlo wrote: I heard that GR is for beginners and NeoEE is for pro's. Is that true?
Nope you are wrong. NeoEE is where the so called "experts" are jerking off to eachother and kicking every unknown player out of their games because they are NOOBS or SMURFS.

It goes like this:

Entering [EEC] p2n
host: "anyone know 6?"
player 1: " "nope probably smurf or noob"
"Pirlo was kicked out of the game"
-> Pirlo rejoins
"Pirlo was banned out of the game"

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Re: Hi! I'm new

Post by lupin »

I'm new too. I played Empire Earth from 2007 to 2009 but unfortunately lost my game when I had to format my computer. I want to play it again and it'd be really fun to do it online because I've only played this game against computer. Still yet to get hang of this forum so can you guys point me to someplace I can download the entire game with the online lobby thing? Thanks :D :D :D

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Re: Hi! I'm new

Post by Samuel »

Hey, welcome!
Check in the announcements, and you should be able to find the link for the download ;)

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