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Looking for play :)

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I installed EE AoC again and checked some of my self made scenarios. I don't have much left since most of them are pretty old but I still have a few. Basically 1 v 1 Mid games. My fav one is a 1 v 1 without base building on a small map. Each player has a fortress and a unit cap of 400. Units spawn automatically as long as the cap is not full. Each kill brings 1 gold. Each dead unit 1 iron. Gold is used to buy siege weapons. Iron is used to buy special units.

The idea is to be able to build siege weapons and take down the enemies fortress if you are a good. If you play less good and you lose lots of units you get iron to buy special units to have a good counter. So basically it's a really well balanced scenario and can take a while to win. ^^
The Scen in it's current version is fully functional. So if anyone want's to try it, just leave a msg.

I also have a coop tower def but I go to remake it because it appeared out of a "just for fun" creation and fits the crazy game style for me and my friend. :D

I am doing a new one soon as well. A coop def scenario where both player have to keep a fortress together vs. incoming (endless) waves of enemies. Units can be purchased with gold and are way stronger than the enemy. (Like special soldiers). Therefore they are expansive. The enemies units will inc. in life, damage and armor over time. To hold against it we will be able to upgrade Longsword, pike, longbow, crossbow, cav and knight with damage, HP, armor and range for certain amount of gold of course. (Like I said it will be endless. So the scale of the enemies HP will goes way higher than the upgrades you can purchase)

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