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Welcome to Save-EE.com, your source for everything Empire Earth and the home of the Save-EE and NeoEE Lobby. We are dedicated to keeping Empire Earth's online community alive.

Play Empire Earth and Art of Conquest Online!

The NeoEE Lobby is now open and restores the original lobby.

Download the patch: HERE

On November 3, 2008 at approximately 19:00 UTC, the WON servers dedicated to the Empire Earth and Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest online gameplay system, were permanently shut down by Activision (VU Games website with original announcement has since been taken offline).

The Save-EE Lobby was developed by Nuckin Futs as an alternative lobby in the form of a Windows application. The lobby automatically lists Direct Connect (by IP) games hosted by players that are logged into the lobby.

After the release of client version 2.5.0, Nuckin Futs stopped working on the lobby, and development was continued by Ghost. The Save-EE Lobby had many of the familiar features from the original WON lobby and then some.

Since the introduction of the Save-EE Lobby, a new WON lobby server replacement project titled NeoEE was developed by Jodocus and RealForce. Save-EE has offered hosting to the NeoEE server and enabling connectivity via the normal EE multiplayer menu comes in the form of a patch.

We currently have many players using the system and we will welcome any players, old or new, into the community.

Please spread the word!

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NeoEE goes Linux

Postby Jodocus on Sat Oct 26, 2019 6:53 pm in Announcements

Hi everyone!

There was no much progress in the NeoEE development from my side within the last years. However, there are some news, although maybe not too interesting ones for the average gamer. After quite some tedious work, I finally succeeded in porting the entire NeoEE server system to the Linux operating system. This comes with the following implications:

1. From the lobby perspective, nothing should change. The only noticable thing could be new bugs introduced during the development, i.e. crashes and alike. Although I've tried my best, some crashes during the test phase are unavoidable, but I am sure this will only be a problem for the first few weeks.

2. The costs of running the lobby will be reduced. Windows servers are usually more expensive than those running Linux, thus one could reduce the costs OR rent additional servers on different continents: this could reduce latency and improve the possible lag in full relay games (a feature which should allow everybody to host, albeit being still buggy and mostly unknown to the lobby community, as it has not been documented).

3. With the new code base up, I can start trying to fix some still existing lobby bugs. I noticed that some people sometimes have the problem of not being able to log in after finishing a game, this I should definitely fix in an upcomming release.

Stay tuned for more infos!

Merry Christmas

Postby USOLA on Sat Dec 24, 2016 12:35 pm in Announcements

I want to wish everyone a merry christmas :D :thumbsupl:

New patch installation problems

Postby Jodocus on Fri Nov 04, 2016 1:12 pm in Announcements


If you have any problems installing the patch and got no forum account, use the support E-Mail (support@neoee.net) or the guestbook on http://www.neoee.net!

If you are experiencing crashes after pressing "Start game" or when the host is pressing start, redownload the NeoEE installer and repair the patch!

New tool: Saved game slot changer

Postby Jodocus on Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:03 am in Announcements


NeoEE now has a tool that allows you to modify the slot settings of your saved games/multiplayer scenarios. You can use it to rename or "observe out" any open slot without using the infamous and tedious obs bug. Its major purpose is to make scen playing on NeoEE more comfortable s.t. you just wait for all players to join and then rename the slots according to your needs, rather than switching to Direct Connect and playing there.

You can find the tool at NeoEE.net/scen.

Upcomming patch

Postby Jodocus on Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:31 pm in Announcements

Hi there!

A long time has passed since the last patch, for both server and community. As some people might have noticed, the server (and the RIP hosting system) had to undergo multiple treatments to make them more robust and reliable. As for now I am proud to announce the new "Leviathan" server series which can be considered as the first versions of NeoEE servers that fully support each individual feature of the game.

Let me get to the details:

What's new on "Leviathan" 0.4.0.X?
  • The overall architecture has been overhauled such that it runs more stable (less crashes) and with better efficiency. Furthermore, its software design now is closer to true platform independency than ever before.
  • The database servers got upgraded and the storage policies have been altered. Some passwords may have been corrupted during the transformation. In that case, just send me some PM/whisper me and I will help you.
  • Some may have observed that some genious 1337 hacker used an old hacking tool to flood the lobby server with fake rooms and/or games. This is no longer possible on the new versions - therefore don't even consider trying it. (Disclaimer: At no time, any data had been stolen from the databases. These "hack" just aimed to disrupt the user experience of the lobby, nothing else.)
  • The features "username forgotten" and "password forgotten" have been implemented. You will now receive emails from "support@neoee.net". Make sure your spam protection doesn't block it!

So long for the boring part. What about the patch? As it is not finished yet, this list is not complete yet, so please be a bit patient. However, here are some of the highlights the patch will include:

  • The RIP-hosting system got an major upgrade. Besides a new UI, it automatically checks for forwarded ports (which should render HostPingRIP.txt almost useless). Additionally, it's enhanced by a second stage at which it tries to automatically forward ports via UPnP, thus enabling game ping and saved game transfer for those who have UPnP available and enabled on their routers. Finally, in some cases, it should now be possible to transfer the game host even to those people without port forwarding.
  • A source of game crashes has been removed from EEC and AOC.
  • The CDKey system gets renewed. This step will make it necessary for everyone to redownload the NeoEE installer.
  • New ressource options "Unlimited" and "None" are available.
  • New game variants have been added (e.g. "Tournament Extreme" a.k.a. "Hyperion" with higher gathering rates and less morale).

Stay tuned for more!