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Revised August 12th, 2009

Note: These Terms of Use are subject to change at any time without notice. By logging into the EE Lobby system, you are agreeing to these terms.

When using the EE Lobby, you are obligated to use the same username in EE Direct Connect as you do in the lobby. Exceptions are made for hosting custom multiplayer scenarios.

The following actions are prohibited when using the EE Lobby software:
  • Cheating (defined below)
  • Crashing games
  • Ghosting/cloning
  • Hacking/crashing the lobby or attempting to/threatening to do so
  • Spamming
  • Disrespecting or taunting administrators or moderators
  • Display of racism
  • Excessive public flaming of other users
  • Linking to viruses, porn, cheating instructions, etc.
  • Unapproved Advertising
  • Display of, or linking to, anything else that is inappropriate, malicious, or illegal

Failure to comply with these rules may result in moderative action from as simple as a kick up to a more severe mute or ban (either of which may be temporary or permanent). All violations will be determined and handled at the moderator's discretion.

Cheating is defined as ... (a) the use of any bannable glitch, (b) modifying game files (including civilizations), or (c) the use of a program (such as a trainer) ... in order to gain an unfair advantage. However, breaking a game's rules is not cheating, despite the fact that it is disrespectful.

Some examples of prohibited game file modifications include, but are not limited to, increasing the custom civilization points limit, hexed civilizations, or allowing movement commands on areas outside the boundaries of the map.

A "hexed civilization" is defined as any civilization that has been modified or created in order to gain more than one instance of a bonus. This includes modifying game files to change the non-custom civilizations.

If you wish to play multiplayer games with trainers, please coordinate such activities without the use of the EE Lobby software.

Currently trainer and glitch detection are under development. If you see someone with a hat next to their name, it doesn't mean they are cheating. Due to the many different versions of this game, the trainer detection often reports people as cheaters, who are in fact not cheating. If you suspect cheating, please have an admin confirm it. Trainer detection is fairly accurate in the US versions. We have noticed that the scenario editor, and some non-English language versions will trigger trainer detection incorrectly.

With that said, in order to confirm cheaters, the lobby can pull a list of running processes, enumerate directories, and take screenshots of whatever window is active on your desktop.

Bannable glitches:
  • Blockade of production buildings
  • Wall Interception
  • Resource glitch
  • Unlimited Tempest Range/Tempest Pen (Note: This glitch is allowed if the map type is of the "Space Islands" type)
  • Permanent Cloaking
  • Free Farms
  • Time Freeze
  • Any glitch that causes the game to crash
Legal glitches:
  • Multiple Heroes
  • Farm Scanning
  • Group speed
  • Infinite Fanaticism
  • Infinite fuel
  • Planes through space
  • Engineer Mining

Glitches that are not listed:
  • Any glitches that are not listed in one of the above lists may or may not be bannable. If you would like a clear answer on this, please private message a moderator or administrator with a definition of the glitch, and how to preform it. The mods and admins will discuss it, and make the verdict public.
  • If you decide to use a glitch that is not listed, you may be banned if it is deemed that the glitch is in fact bannable by the mods/admins. It is strongly suggested you get a decision on the legality of the glitch before you start using it.