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Multiplayer Errors

Note: If you are on the same LAN, the only way you can play together is via the LAN tab or if you join another person's game. You can't join a LAN game by IP. We can't recall the exact errors if you try to do so, but they're probably similar to the following.

Error: General Failure (Code: WS_ServerReq_NoServersSpecified)
Solution: You must apply the Direct Connect patch. Open the Save-EE Lobby and click on the "Patch" tab at the top. From there you will be able to apply it with the click of a mouse. Be sure to restart your game if it is open.

Error: General Failure (Code: WS_AsyncSocket_InvalidSocket)
Solution: This is a general join game failure, but it usually means that the host does not have their router ports forwarded properly. Try joining a different game.

Error: General Failure (Code: WS_WSAETIMEDOUT)
Solution: There currently isn't a game hosted on that IP (or they have a really tough firewall). Try joining a different game. Another possibility is that they don't entirely have their ports forwarded, and you will not get a ping for this game. Modify your WONLobby.cfg file to allow joining games without a ping.

Error: General Failure (Code: WS_WSAENETUNREACH)
Solution: Staff members have not been able to reproduce the error, but a reported solution is selecting the correct network adapter in EE. Note: there are 2 locations for selecting the network adapter - in "Game Settings" which is accessed from the main menu, and in the "Options" tab that is located in the Other Multiplayer area.

Error: Your game version does not match the host's.
Solution: Make sure you are are not trying to join an AoC game with EE or vice versa. Otherwise, the error is pretty self explanatory. Game version in the top left corner of the main menu (it should match). Game version is affected by updates, patches, and mods. Make sure both you and the host have the same stuff installed. Try whispering him/her in the lobby and finding out what version of the patch they are using. Most common solution: download Omega's patches for EE and AoC at http://www.save-ee.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1027.

Game F.A.Q.

Q: Someone is cheating in a game, what do I do?
A: First, please contact an Administrator or Moderator in the lobby, and inform them of the in-game name of the person cheating, and any confirmed or suspected lobby names of that person. In addition to this, you need to gather evidence this person was cheating, meaning screenshots and saved games. It is also strongly recommended that you follow the guidelines laid out in this thread for determining the identity of the cheater: http://www.save-ee.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1035. After all this, then please post the evidence you have, as long with any proof of identity you have obtained in the report abuse or cheaters forum, following all of the guidelines laid out in http://www.save-ee.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=32.

Q: How do I take a screenshot in-game? How do I take a screenshot of game staging?
A: To take an in-game or post game statistics screenshot, simply press F9--the screenshots will be in your main game folder. To take a screenshot of game staging, use print screen, go into paint or another image editing application, paste (CTRL+V), and save the image.