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  •  Living Hell III    
    A 4 Plyaer scenario where you and your teamates must make it out of hell, the more units your kill the stronger you get.
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  •  Eternal Darkness 3 - Fixed Planes   1.43 
    I know one has already been submitted but theres a problem about 5 hours in. Yes I played it for 5 hours FML! Theres a part where you gotta run into an airport kill tonnes of guys plus some hardcore pilots, hijack a jet and give chase to a nuca. You have to do all this in about one minute. Its also impossible to find the nuca. So I made a slight fix to this, you see its easy to get to the jet in time, just impossible to find the nuca. So I made the jet you get super uber, 1000% los, 9000 Attack and 900 speed I think it was. Also on version 1.45 theres a major problem and you cant get past the first part because it crashs. So this is version 1.43

    Actual description: You are apart of team of blah blah blah you kill lots of guys, have epic battles like with tonnes of planes and infantry, and its just generally fun, though it is quite long. This scen is more like an online campaign.

    COME AS Players 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
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  •  Air Warrior verison 1.4    
    Its like mod/mid/mech warrior but with airplanes
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  •  Shadows    
    6 players, one is randomly chosen to be the killer.
    The killer can switch from invisible mode (but can't move), to masked killer mode (can kill and p# can't be seen), to regular mode (shows p#, can't kill).

    After you die, you get to vote on who you think the killer is. If the killer is voted out, the other 5 players win. If one of the regular five players is voted out, the killer wins.
    So the object for the killer is to kill everybody without his p# being found out, and the object for the other 5 players is to find out who the killer was. All in all this leads to a lot of different strategies and makes for an interesting game.
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  •  Wild West    
    Each player starts spread out across the map and gets a hero and 5 "Outlaws" (musketeers) at the start. The whole map is covered in respawning units such as bow men, horsemen, and many others. Each kill gives you 10 gold. Throughout the map there are towns that have buildings (hospitals, towers, gates, wonders) that you can buy with gold. Also in the town are units you can buy (outlaws, arquebus, caribeeners, etc).
    So the basic idea is get kills, buy more stuff, and fight over land with the others players (it is diplo).
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  •  Cat and Mouse v1.6 Trees    
    5 players are "mice", 1 is the "cat".
    The cat (BLOO), gets an assortment of cyber/mech units (pandoras, command units, apollos, ares) to try to kill the mice citizens.
    When a mouse player loses 3 citizens, they lose - the other 2 citizens are deleted, and they get 3 invincible citizens at the bottom left corner to try to help the other mice survive.
    To try to survive, the mice can build towers, walls, anti aircraft, barracks, hospitals, universities, houses.

    If the cat player does not kill 3 of each player's citizens by f11 60, the cat loses.
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  •  Zombie Nation    
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