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  •  Holding the Line (HTL)    
    In this scenario the objective is to survive all the waves of enemys by building towers and using troops to hold them off. You have 8 lives, if 8 enemy troops get past you, your dead. You can also buy units using gold, to get gold you need to kill some on the enemy units. This scenario contains a easy medium and hard mode. The palyers are BLOO RED GREEN YELLOW CYAN and PURPLE
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  •  Team Warz    
    A 3 versus 3 game with archers swords and spears, you upgrade as you go much like Bridge Crossing Hit and Run Bleach Blood etc.. This game is mostly all teamwork
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  •  Tag    
    This scenario fails as much as peow himself.
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  •  Tiger Pit    
    A scenario where the objective is to kill 2000 tigers before anybody else. The more tigers that are killed the stronger and harder to kill they get. After 100 or 150 kills of these tigers you can afvance an age (you start on copper.) This is 4 players using Colors GREEN RED BLUE (or BLOO) and CYAN
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  •  Grave Blood   Final 
    This is a CLASSIC Empire Earth scenario. A blood-type game (spawn units at your base, kill enemy in middle, get upgrades) but with a twist.
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  •  Tower Defense   v6 Final 
    Another CLASSIC Empire Earth scenario. This is the ORIGINAL tower defense scen, the basis for today's "Tower Protection" scens, the first of which were essentially copies...

    This has a less intense learning curve than the newer TP scens, because the units have less HP and it therefore lowers the difficulty a bit. Still fun even for experienced players because you get to kill each other at the end if you kill all the waves.
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  •  Total Blood   Final 
    Another blood scenario, a classic on Empire Earth. A 3v3, with a middle neutral area, each player has 3 unit spawn points and can choose what unit to spawn at each. Kills earn additional unit choices.

    Easier to pick up than Grave Blood, but with experienced players the battles must be micromanaged very well and you have to be sure not to fall behind in upgrades.
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  •  Bridge Crossing   Final 
    Inspired by the America's Army map titled "Bridge Crossing", this is a 3v3 blood game similar to Beach Blood, Hit & Run, etc. involving only automatically spawning ranged infantry which upgrades after getting kills.

    Unrelated: I really don't know what Sniper IX liked so much about Bridge Crossing. When I played it with him he sucked at it and I thought the map sucked in general. It was just grenade spamming and camping...
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  •  1 versus 1 Bridge Crossing   1.2 
    A 1v1 version of Bridge Crossing, all the rules are the same the map is different and you start out with archers instead of gunmen
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  •  Eternal Darkness 3    
    This is a very large scen, and hard to describe, It is about 5x bigger then the normal scen and is like a RPG you can say.
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