Pre 2 Nano SH - 4v4 Pocket

Really the only difference between this and my wing civ is swap club bonuses for spears, swap iron mining for farming, and add bomber speed. I prefer to help my wing tower and push with siege, so that's why I leave those bonuses in. As a pocket, you should be the one getting siege first anyway. I wouldn't consider taking cit HP over siege cost reduction solely because of the huge factor siege cost reduction has for a pocket.

I leave iron out because you shouldn't be making a TON of spears. You make a sizable army to defend (since spears get dominated by towers) and try to lose the least amount of units as possible. Farming really lets your economy take off once you hit Copper and in the long run you'll have a tad more pop space for army since you'll need less cits on farms, and you should be able to get your mines populated to 50 citizens faster.

Aircraft - Bombers
    20% Speed
Citizens & Fishing Boats
    20% Speed
Civ - Bldgs, Walls, & Towers
    15% Cost Reduction
    20% Range
Civ - Economy
    20% Farming
    20% Hunting and Foraging
Civ - General
    15% Pop Cap
Infantry - Spear (Melee)
    25% Attack
    20% Cost Reduction
    20% Hit Points
    20% Speed
Siege Weapons & Mobile AA
    20% Cost Reduction
    20% Range

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