Pre 2 Nano SH - 4v4 Wing

This is pretty much your standard club civilization. Hunt and iron for massing, cheap ranged towers, cit speed for running around. I prefer to use Siege cost reduction over cit HP because if you play with people that aren't half retarded, the game will be extended and that cost reduction really comes in handy when pushing into the enemy, believe me. Also, I believe if you don't take pop cap in a 4v4 you are rather foolish since you're the one that has to have the army and you're going to need plenty of cits to keep up with epoching.

Citizens & Fishing Boats
    20% Speed

Civ - Bldgs, Walls, & Towers
    15% Cost Reduction
    20% Range

Civ - Economy
    20% Hunting and Foraging
    15% Iron Mining

Civ - General
    15% Pop Cap

Infantry - Sword
    25% Attack
    20% Cost Reduction
    20% Hit Points
    20% Speed

Siege Weapons & Mobile AA
    20% Cost Reduction
    20% Range

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