The Epic: Secrets of the Deep 24.12.2007

Vince Galienth, friend of the Mustaine family, noble sea captain, capable soldier, and servent of King Henry, has found himself shipwrecked in Northern Europe.....

Scenario Details:

Over 100 Triggers
Over 300 Effects
- Business trades
- Toll service
- Naval skirmishes
- Major battles
- Minor battles
- Overflow of dialogue and information
- Side missions
- Missions and information you can "stumble" on
- Join allies and defeat common enemies
- Draw the line between natural and supernatural

If you have played Kurik Detected, Seeds of Austet, and Battle of Realms, then you will enjoy this scenario more than the person who has not. But, you dont have to play the others to enjoy Secrets of the Deep, but I suggest you AT LEAST play Seeds of Austet first.

Scenario made by: aLteC teK
Source: ... &st=30&ci=

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aLteC teK

Original Author:

aLteC teK

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